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Corry Weller began her racing career on the motocross  track in 2001, after deciding she wanted to play in the dirt with the big boys.  Shattering stereotypes and surprising fellow racers throughout the industry, this blonde haired, blue-eyed Arizona native couldn’t get enough of  big air, dirty roost, and the thrill of competition.

  Fast forward to 2007 – Corry attended her first off-road short course event at Chula Vista, CA, and was mesmerized by the sights and sounds of 800HP trucks sliding and jumping and enthralling the fans who crammed the stands and lined the fences.  While she couldn’t afford the $200k trucks she was watching, she did have an “in” by way of the Pro/Modified UTV classes in the same series. 

  Jason Weller, Corry’s husband and owner of Weller Racing, LLC, decided it would be a wise marketing decision to put his highly competitive wife into the field of Pro/Modified racers, and let ‘er rip.

  Fast forward once again to 2010 and the beginning of a new race season.  Weller Racing, LLC is now a well-known and highly respected name in the UTV Industry, known for building some of the fastest motors to hit any track on the planet.  Corry Weller is a familiar face in the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series, and has been showing her competition that not only can Weller Racing build some bad*** motors, but it’s not a bad thing to “drive like a girl”!

  Not content to let the UTV classes grow stagnant, Weller Racing introduced a new class of Yamaha Rhinos powered by transplanted R1 street bike motors, taking these race machines from 60 hp to over 140hp, ditching the factory CVT transmission for a 6-speed manual, two wheel, chain driven system – and kicking the UTV classes square in the rear end. 

  Corry would go on to win a total of 5 races in the 2010 season, coming in 2nd in points for that year.  In 2011, redemption came in the form of a championship for Corry and her team, propelling her into the history books as the only female racer to have won a championship in a professional short-course series. 

With a championship now under her belt, her title sponsor The Tilted Kilt has decided to put her into a Pro 4 Unlimited truck for 2012, to see what the talented racer can do in a full-size truck class, where she will once again mix it up with the boys and make history as the first female driver to compete in any Pro 4 Unlimited class.  2012 should be an exciting year for Corry, her team, and her sponsors, as they have their sites set on a breakthrough season in the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series.

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